01-1030-H-A   SunSpot 36HX Landing Light W/ Pulse

01-1030-H-A SunSpot 36HX Landing Light W/ Pulse

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SunSpot is designed as a LED drop-in replacement for your existing GE4509, PAR36 aircraft lights. It comes with an integrated "wig-wag" or "pulse" feature built into the light that is recommended to be used throughout your flight to increase recognition from other pilots. SunSpot HX landing light projects 65,000 candela using 45 Watts/3.2 AMPS. SunSpot HX taxi light projects 15,000 candela. Includes integrated “wig-wag” or “pulse” feature and mounts with existing ring clamp. PMA'D.

Power consumption: 45 watts Max; Current Draw at 14VDC: 3.2 Amps Max

Available in taxi or landing lights. Clamp Mount: Par 36 Ring Clamp.

  • Wide Input Voltage Range (9-40VDC)
  • Built in Wig/Wag (stand-alone or synchronous with any other AeroLEDs products)
  • Over-temp Sense Protection
  • Low-voltage Sense (shuts down half the LED's in emergency, low voltage conditions)
  • Available in taxi or landing light


    Part Number: 01-1030-H-A
    Power: 45 Watts
    Voltage: 9-40 VDC
    Lumens: 4,950
    Candela: 65,000
    Weight: 10.1 oz
    Dimensions: 4.4″ x 4.4″ x 1.9″
    Pulse-WigWag Built-In
    Class: FAA, PMA/STC